6 tech resolutions you should make in 2017, and how to keep them

2016 was the year personal cybersecurity came to the forefront.
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Each year, our phones, social media accounts, laptops, smart assistants, fitness trackers and other tech somehow swallow up even more of our time.

For the new year, here are a handful of resolutions that aim to improve our relationship to the technology that rules our lives:

1. Start taking cybersecurity seriously

2016 was the year personal cybersecurity came to the forefront.

In what was described as the worst hack ever, more than 500 million Yahoo email accounts were leaked.

Cybercriminals created a gigantic bot net built from insecure "Internet of Things" devices (like web-connected thermostats and coffee makers) that brought down major websites across the internet.

Even the Democratic National Committee was compromised.

Luckily, it's easier than ever to protect yourself.

The first step is to stay vigilant. Google your name and look through several pages of results to see what information about you is publicly available.

It doesn't hurt to set social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter to private.

Don't get lazy with passwords. The worst thing you can do is reuse the same password for multiple sites.

It's easy to use a simple tool like LastPass to keep all your passwords in one place.

The most important (and easiest) thing you can do is enable two-factor authentication.

While that term might sound complicated, it's actually super simple.

When you turn it on, services like Gmail and Facebook require more than your password to get into your accounts.

In most cases, once it's enabled, you simply fork over your phone number and when you log on, a site will text an access code to your device.

Once the site has both your password and the access code, you're in.

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