Cooking soup using a washing machine

What do you do when faced with intense competition? You innovate and create something special.

But if all the end-products are special, what's so special about being special then?

Meet Shen Yang from China, who decided to cook pork rib soup with potatoes for a culinary contest - which is a pretty normal and bland dish - but he took the cooking process to new heights.

"The judging committee has requested for creativity. I feel that using creativity in the dish itself is no creativity at all," Shen Yang said in his satire video.

"Today, I am going to apply my creativity to the cooking process - with a washing machine!"

Using a 5.2kg front load washing machine, with the option to wash at 95 degrees Celsius, Shen Yang "loaded" the washing machine with potatoes and pork ribs.

An hour later and the room is filled with the aroma from the broth spinning in the washing machine.

The pork ribs look cooked and the potatoes are starting to break apart to smaller pieces.

After scooping the pork rib soup from the Washing Machine, Shen Yang adds some salt to the soup.

How will the washing-machine-spun pork rib soup with potatoes fare?

Will the pork ribs be Al dente? Or will the soup spin into the dark abyss?

Shen Yang even offers his cooking advice - recommending users to cook the pork ribs first, before chucking them into the washing machine.

However, this soup comes with a hefty price tag - the price of a washing machine, that is. The washing machine was clogged with meat particles, rendering it effectively useless.

Washing-machine-spun pork rib soup - a novel way to cook, albeit a very expensive dish, and we wouldn't recommend it.

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