• Young people risk death by smartphone

    More young people are either committing suicide or harbouring suicidal thoughts. -My Paper
  • Rise of the machines

    We take a look at six popular models to find out which can best help keep your home clean. -Hardware Zone
  • How 3D printers work

    From scale models, to working guns, prosthetic limbs, hearing aids and even an entirely 3D-printed 3D printer, the possibilities for 3D printing look limitless. But how does it work? -Hardware Zone
  • Use your endless Gmail addresses to tidy your inbox

    Add a plus sign followed by any word and you'll still get emails at the inbox of your primary address - but they'll come filtered. -AsiaOne
  • New spin on old format

    The decades-old vinyl is making a comeback worldwide, as well as in Singapore, with stores here reporting brisk sales of records and turntables. ­-Digital Life, The Straits Times

Sony SmartBand

It consists of a wristband and a removable white plastic tracker called the Core. ­-Digital Life, The Straits Times

Withings Pulse O2

The Withings Pulse O2 is a great value-for-money fitness tracker with its multitude of features. ­-Digital Life, The Straits Times